Lake Retba (Lac Rose) - The Pink Lake of Senegal


Lake Retba Location (Visitor Page)

Accommodation: Around Lac Rose (Lake Retba) there are many camps and hotels, restaurants and local markets.

What to do: If you plan to visit Lake Retba you might consider some entertaining activities like riding an ATV or a 4X4 safari. Also boat tours are available and you can visit the salt flats as well.

Some visitor tips: To catch the pink color of the lake make sure the weather is not windy on the day you visit it. Lake Retba can be visited by foot, as the site is not very long.

The lake is 3 km² long and it is divided into four sites: Khar Yalla, Khoss, Virage and Daradji.

Lake Retba Map

The Lake Retba is located about 40 km north of Dakar (less than 1 hour driving) on the Grande Côte.

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